Offshore Company Registration Services

If you're looking for offshore company registration in Bangladesh, you've come to the correct place. In Dhaka, Bangladesh, we provide comprehensive company registration services. Contact us right away to register your business efficiently.

Collection and preparation of all necessary documentation for registration of business in Bangladesh.


The first step in the company registration is to choose an appropriate name. We register the name by which the company is identified.


We create the memorandum that states the field in which the company will do business, objectives of the company, as well as the type of business.


We help companies to draw up and draft the memorandum and articles of association, along with the one who have no previous experience.


We fulfill the legal and complex documentation formalities of company registration of a company by acting on behalf of the company.


We help companies with filing documents such as Consent of Directors, Notice of Registered Address, and Particulars of Directors.


We provide the statutory declaration in e-form no.1 that states all the requirements of the Companies Act and the rules thereunder are met.


We assist in paying the Registrar of Companies during the course of company registration that depends on the nominal capital.


The incorporation certificate provided by the Registrar is definite proof that all requirements of the Company Registration Act have been met.

We offer company incorporation and bank account opening services.

Second Phase Of Company Registration

We now have a few tasks to accomplish in the post-registration phase after completing the company registration services process. The following certificates must be obtained from the appropriate authorities:

Company Registration

Trade License

We must obtain an application form from the relevant authority in order to obtain a trade license (City Corporation; if registered in such areas). We will fill it up with the necessary information, then submit it to the authority with the other necessary paperwork and fees. After a set amount of time, we can go pick it up there.

Company Registration

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

If you already have the necessary paperwork, obtaining a TIN certificate is simple. To complete the application for a TIN certificate, photocopies of the Trade License, Memorandum of Association (MOA), Articles of Association (AOA), and other essential documents are needed. The TIN certificate Form is available on this website.

Company Registration

Value Added Certificate (VAT)

One of the essential documents you need for company registration in Bangladesh is a VAT certificate. To obtain a value added tax certificate in Bangladesh, a number of documents are required, such as a Trade License, Deed of Agreement, TIN Certificate, Import/Export Registration Certificate, list of sales shops or centers, BIDA registration, bank solvency certificate, etc.

Trustworthy Company Registration Service
Company Registration

Register A Branch Office For Your Company Registration

1.A fully filled-out and signed application.
2.The offshore company registration certificate.
3.MOA and AOA of the international company registration.
4.Information on the foreign company's directors.
5.The foreign company's audited statements for fiscal year.
6.Board resolution approving the branch office settlement.
7.Proposed organizational chart of positions held by employees.
8.Details of suggested actions.

Additional Company Registration Services By BPO Bangladesh



For company registration in Bangladesh, you need our assistance with completing documentation for company incorporation services.


Additional Licenses

In order to free you up and let you concentrate on your business's top goals, we manage all the additional licenses that you need.


Management Restrictions

We address all management-related parts of paperwork, such as the employment and removal of auditors and the election of directors.

We are Here for Your One-Stop Company Registration Solutions:

  • Our expert personnel will take over once you've given us the necessary details about your company and yourself.
  • At BPO Bangladesh, we take care of all the filing and paper work for you and your business registration.
  • We create hundreds of Bangladeshi businesses and provide ongoing business administration services to them.
Company Registration And Business Consultancy Services in Bangladesh

Company Incorporation Services help your business Reduced taxation, Secure your intelligent, Enhance assets and More.

The Companies Act of 2013 requires that a company be registered since all of the provisions of the act apply to companies that are registered under this act.

Company Registration One Person Company

It is the greatest choice for business owners who want to operate a company independently. Due to the OPC’s distinct legal position, business owners can benefit from liability protection without forming a partnership. An OPC is simple to incorporate and control because there is just one person involve.

If a One Person Company paid up capital or annual sales turnover exceed BDT 50 lakhs or BDT 2 crores, respectively, a Private Limited Company conversion is require by law.

Company Registration

It strengthens your identity and gives your business more credibility: By registering your business, you make it simple for prospective clients to recognize you as a reliable organization. It draws funding and commercial opportunities: You require a legitimate business registration in order to be eligible for a loan for your company.

A company must be registere if an association or partnership firm employs more than 100 people for any business.

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