Medical Claims Processing

Medical Claims Outsourcing Service

Medical claims processing is an important factor for healthcare providers as they need to submit claims to a patient’s insurance company in order to get paid. But often they face challenges in processing medical claims because insurance companies have a tendency of rejecting claims. So, attention to every detail is really important to avoid any lapse in maintaining and filing accurate patient related data.

BPO Bangladesh provides assurance that your medical claims are processed free of errors, thereby removing the chance of any form of denials and payment delays. We offer the best quality of entire claims processing service to handle the minute details of the process to ensure maximum accuracy.

Medical Claims Processing
Medical Claims Processing

Managing Medical Claims online

We process medical claims with the latest software on our dedicated server to guarantee high performance, which help to scan insurance claim forms, automate the collection process and claim the payment data. We follow up to ensure your claims are approved and receive denied claims to reprocess them for approval. Our effective software assures you with the accurate processing of claims with fewer denials in less turnaround time and lesser effort from you.

We handle your claims following this step:

  • Enter data of a patient, CPT and ICD codes entered into the medical software
  • Scan the document and correct for any errors of coding and billing
  • Send you an EOB (explanation of benefits)
  • Pre-adjudicate the claim to make it correct
  • Submit and file the processed claim with the insurance companies
  • Provide electronic eligibility details and claim to stand
  • Receive denied claims and re-adjudicate them as recommended to get approved

Our Service Offerings:

  • Data entry of medical claims
  • Data processing of medical insurance claim forms
  • Data indexing and archiving of medical claims
  • Data validation of medical claim
  • Data maintenance and cleansing
  • Medical claims administration support services
  • Deliver periodical reports on claim status
  • Duplicate claims detection
  • Fully automated payment solutions
  • Compliance issues minimization
  • Confidential patient’s data protected through the use of the latest medical claims processing software
Medical Claims Processing