Image & Video Editing


Our Image Editing Services

  • Image Enhancement– Our expert team can edit your images with latest filter and adjustment software, improve sharpness, increase or reduce brightness and contrast, allowing us to alter colors, and much more, all for any number of images in less time
  • Image Editing– We provide various range of image editing services, as well as background improvement and special effects to boost the overall quality of your images.
  • Image Restoration– We are also proficient in ¬†restoring old, damaged, faded, or dull images, as well as adding color to black and white photographs and scans.

Image Editing

Photo editing services play an important role in making your business succeed. If you require high quality images for your website, or print ads featuring supreme quality images to promote your products or services, you need to invest in best photo editing services. Besides, you can manipulate images for color, size, background etc. in order to make photos to customize the way you want.

Our professional team with vast expertise in color correction, path clipping, image cropping, density/color/lens correction, adjusting shadows/brightness/contracts, etc can deliver you with best image editing service on time and within budget. Software With the latest use of softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign we can deliver images in multiple file formats for example RAW, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PDF, BMP, GIF, PSD, DOC and more.


Video Editing Services

Videos have become an integral part of marketing. Launching successful video content generates strong results in terms of online views, clicks, and TV viewership is where the challenge lies. For this purpose, to make high quality videos and to gain more views in social media, business need talented editors to add life to their videos.

BPO Bangladesh understands the importance of video editing and the impact it has on businesses. Our creative team has professional experience in fine art of video editing and we offer a unique experience perfectly crafted to suit every business need. We can help you to create magical videos with your customized content to develop engaging traffic on your website, along with social media platforms like YouTube,Facebook,Twitter, etc


Our Video Editing Services

  • Basic Editing: We standardize formats (AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc.), merge videos, re-arrange footage, trim/delete unnecessary content, sequence the shots and do a lot more to ensure the fundamentals are strong enough to present your video with professional look.
  • Quality Enhancements: We add music/sound, text/ headlines, sub-titles, voice-overs, special effects, creative tilting, animations, and transitions to complement videos. These enrichments are designed designed to reinforce the message while maintaining the professional look and feel of your video.
  • Additional Effects: We provide high definition video editing services, enhance the video quality which include color adjustments/corrections, sharpness, noise/distortion removal, 2D/3D effects, sound enhancements, video up-scaling, and more