Order Taking & Processing

group of young business people it engineer in network server room solving problems and give help and support

Get order management from your call center technology investment.

In our CCBS call center agents handle a integrate knowledge base to document and categorize transactions, locate customer history, and access product and troubleshooting information. Providing the right tools to our agents is the key to enabling them to do their job. Ease your customer’s experience by giving them the option of obtaining answers via their preferred channel – a telephone call, email, or chat.

When you outsource order management to CCBS, you can be rest assured that, your customers will still believe they’re talking to your staff. We carefully follow your requirements and adopt your brand personality in all conversations to reinforce your image. We provide comprehensive call center services for a wide variety of businesses from the main number answering and state-of-the-art virtual office solutions to medical office answering services and appointment reminders. We have taken millions of orders and are happy to share what we’ve learned about the best practices to optimize order management for your company.

Our highly dedicated and talented top management team is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds in technology support and call center operations. By leveraging the latest technology with the expertise and experience of our staff, we are ready to assist you with your telecommunications needs.

Your business does not have to stop at 5:00 pm but your staff can’t be there 24 hours a day. That is why so many customers rely on us to take their after hour calls and manage theirs on-call escalation processes. You don’t miss any business and your team gets a good night sleep.

Order Taking & Management Service Included:

  • Order taking & management for 24/7/365 availability—overflow, after-hours, and on-demand.
  • Taking order for custom scripting, Apps and escalation.
  • Taking order for delivering information how, when, and where you need it
  • Order taking & management for real-time call status and statistics in the CCBS Web Portal
  • Caring out &  management  for  technology
  • Order taking & management in Business Process Outsourcing
  • Order taking & management for call center company
  • Order taking & management for industry.
  • Taking order  for Web & application development
  • Taking order for Web design.
  • Order taking service for technical support
  • Order taking for IT industry.

Common Applications

  • Product Assistance
  • Order Entry
  • Technical Support
  • Program Enrollment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Return Processing
  • Customer Follow Up
  • Help Desk

Service you’ll enjoy:

  • Unmatched Scalability
  • Award-winning distance learning
  • Best talent – anywhere, anytime
  • Performance-based model
  • Industry-leading security
  • Customer Service Interactions
  • Outbound Services
  • Inbound Sales Interactions
  • Lead Generation Interactions
  • Self-Service IVR Capabilities
  • Phone answering service.