eCommerce & Retail


Business Process Outsourcing Services for eCommerce & Retail Industry

Our CCBS is an expert Business Process Outsourcing Services company in Bangladesh and enables eCommerce & Retail companies to stay connected with customers. With a huge of experience in delivering customized customer service for the requirements of global clients, we have the capability to implement a solution that is ideal for your business requirement. You can leverage our expertise in customer service to your advantage to gain cost and process efficiencies through outsourcing, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Outsourcing customer service to our company will give your retail or ecommerce company access to our robust 24x7x365 multi-channel contact center. Equipped with well-trained professionals and the latest call center technology, our contact center services the needs of your customers through: inbound and outbound voice support, web / live chat, email management, mobile SMS / text and IVR (self-service). With facilities for IVR, Automatic Call Distributor, Dialer, Voice Logger, Reporting Engine and more, our call center technology ensures that all your customer interactions are streamlined.

Our ecommerce BPO Solutions Include:

At CCBs, we have a full-suite of BPO solutions for ecommerce industry.

  • End-to-End Ecommerce Back-Office Solutions
  • Online Store Data Management
  • Collection of Product Data Specifications
  • Catalog Processing
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Product Data Entry / Processing
  • Product Data Classification
  • Product Data Migration
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Order / Invoice Processing
  • Shipping Management
  • Product Image Editing & Retouching