Virtual Assistant

Remote Virtual Assistant B2B Call Center

We have come up with a Remote Virtual Assistant service as B2b Call Center to meet the recent demands that give you better ROI and comparative advantage over others player in the market to solicit for adverts through VoIP from clients/organizations who are our existing customers and cold calling new prospective clients. Making prospective customers wait before they even get to speak to a representative isn’t a great way to kick off a relationship. Especially when that rep may not even be able to answer the caller’s questions because she doesn’t specialize in what you do.

Virtual Assistant services allow you delegate routine jobs, tasks you can’t do and even things you simply don’t want to do. Assisting you remotely via phone and a computer with Internet access to complete tasks for businesses, such as appointment-setting, creating marketing materials and managing email.

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A virtual assistant is an existing member of your team. He or she can communicate with your employees via email, instant message or phone to quickly put together a real solution for your customer.

Our call center Virtual Assistants service duties are –

  • Communicate correct requirements of callers to the organization they represent
  • Address & resolve first level queries
  • Market & sell additional products/services by recognizing opportunities during the call
  • Maintains call center database

Commercial businesses to reduce or eliminate onsite guard services.

  • Bookkeeping and finances.
  • Keep your database always with updated information
  • Our Virtual Assistant will create and format email, newsletters, social media posts or articles.
  • On-line presentations and produce a variety of marketing materials, including business cards, flyers and brochures. You or your assistant can help you create the content from an outline you provide.
  • We offer bespoke remote virtual assistant services.

Virtual Office for BPO

With virtual office management services from Call Center BPO Service, you can focus on running your business and leave the office work to expert virtual assistants. Under this new plan, you can have a virtual office address, which is a professional address that you can use on your calling card and stationery. A virtual office will provide you a business location which exists only in cyberspace and setup allows business owners and employees to work from any location by using technology. Calls are answered in your company name, then transferred to you anywhere in the world and you can also adjust your receptionist instructions, online, instantly. The idea of virtual office plan meets the needs of start-up companies, entrepreneurs & SMEs. A virtual office can provide significant savings and flexibility compared to renting a traditional office space.

  • Uninterrupted Service
  • Cost Effective
  • A receptionist answering calls
  • Elegant DBS lounge free of cost.
  • Use conference or meeting room,
  • Budget-friendly plan for infrastructure
  • Local telephone number
  • Advance call routing
  • Call Screening
  • After-Hours Greetings
  • Flexible Service Agreements
Virtual assistant

Virtual Meeting Room

A virtual meeting room is a personal virtual meeting space that is always available for use. It can host any number of people from any type of device. It also enables you to hold a video meeting with many video participants who can all hear and see each other, as well as share a presentation. Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) collaboration services consolidate real-time conferencing tools – voice, video, content and web – into a single solution, allowing users to connect anytime, anywhere using any device. We provide a suite of vendor-agnostic VMR solutions designed to fit each client’s unique use and system infrastructure needs. VMR  also supports presentation sharing from numerous devices. You select the technology partner, deployment model, and payment options that are right for you.

  • The mobile workforce requires technology that keeps them feeling just as essential to the team as those in a company office
  • Demands for self-service collaboration tools
  • Desktop clients that provide voice, video, text messaging, and desktop sharing from one solution
  • Simplified user experience with video-web-audio collaboration
  • AVI-SPL provides higher levels of service, including HD quality, and remote monitoring and management.
  • One click to join a meeting and share content
  • Cloud streaming and recording
  • Interoperable with H.323, SIP, WebRTC,  and Skype for Business
  • No reservation needed – easy as making a phone call
  • It’s your personal conference room without walls – available 24/7/365

Remote Monitoring Services

Remote monitoring is when a control center (also known as a remote monitoring station) is connected to a site’s security and/or building control systems. Our skilled virtual assistance team at the control center monitors activity at the site.

We employ state-of-the-art technology to live monitor your property from our fully staffed monitoring facility and provide immediate assistance when any doubtful activity is observed, in case it’s via two-way communication or a notification to the police to be expedition to the area.Our security and monitoring service provides distant connective video surveillance to commercial businesses to reduce or eliminate onsite guard services.

CCTV Surveillance

Remote CCTV monitoring services provide you with peace of mind. And with CCBS monitoring your CCTV systems you can feel reassured that you have a 24/7 security solution in place that’s managed by highly skilled personnel.

Worker Protection

Lone worker protection ensures you comply with the law and regulations whilst giving your employees peace of mind. A safe working environment is a priority for employees and with a lone worker system, it is also achievable.

Remote Video

We turn innovation into what our customers want – increased protection at reduced complexity and cost. Backed by years of research and development, the technologies built into Remote Video Monitoring services are our most advanced product ever.

Fire Alarm

CCBS’s alarm monitoring service is the ideal solution for those looking to protect their property, whether a business or a home, from intruders and the risk of an undetected fire. We offer elevated service of your customer’s property.

Managed Bespoke

The Remote Surveillance Managed Security Service fixed daily fee allow the customer to budget ahead providing them with an assurance of the definitive costs, now automatically and autonomously detects unusual activity.

Gate Control

Industry leading gate control service to optimize and replace traditionally guarded gate control systems. Our systems provide safety, theft protection and operational efficiency by offering a management presence throughout your facility all at once.

Access Control

With the use of CCTV cameras, based in the Observatory, visually verify the identity of individuals requesting access to your premises. They then control entry and exit for authorized personnel and denial of access to unwanted visitors.

Stock / Inventory

Security for stock, construction, building sites needs to be comprehensive, and remote CCTV monitoring ensures that it is.With remote Remote monitoring in place, your building site security will benefit from experts monitoring activity when needed.

Telecare Systems

We provide active monitoring to vulnerable members of the community with the use of Custodian pendant alarms. We respond instantly to signals from these alarms helping  more vulnerable of our society to remain in touch.