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Offshore Staffing

Our efficient and experienced team focuses on finding the most effective ways to solve your offshore staffing challenges. Over the time, we have found that our clients want solutions they can trust and, most importantly, obtain results. Our system makes it easy for companies that partner with Offshore. We’ve cultivated a wide range of programs, allowing us to adapt to a variety of industries while remaining an affordable and cost-effective option for our valued clients.

Offshore Staffing Service Includes:

  • Offshore staffing in call center
  • Offshore staffing in BPO company
  • Offshore staffing in automatic screen pop up
  • Offshore staffing for outsourcing
  • Foreign assisting for IVR system
  • Foreign assisting for efficiently handling direct Call
  • Foreign agents for back office solution
  • Foreign agents for 24/7 customer support
  • Seaward staffing for skills-based routing
  • Foreign assisting for call queues managing.
  • Seaward staffing in IT industry
  • Seaward staffing for automatic call distributor (ACD)
  • Seaward staffing for payment & billing.
  • Foreign agents for Travel & Tour
  • Foreign agents for technical support

3 Dialing Modes One-touch Calling

Automate outbound dialing to improve agent efficiency & remove the administration burden from IT. We have full-featured, cost-effective, award-winning System for Automated Dialing. At CCBS brings incredible speed, efficiency, and accountability to your sales team. Powerful features including local presence, outbound calling, inbound call handling, and multi-option transferring.
  • Inbound & outbound call handling
  • Manage multiple campaigns
  • Call Recording with instant retrieval
  • Skill based routing
  • Virtual agent broadcasting for high volume contact
  • Mini CRM
  • CTI screen pop with contextual data


We furnish you to firmly weave digital business and operations into the fabric organization. Our unlimited IT support service, Our IT Department provides a comprehensive range of IT consultancy services to small and medium enterprise located in Dhaka – Bangladesh and the surrounding areas.
Our IT Department continues to offer a cost-effective alternative to employing the services of an independent IT consultant. Our in-house consultancy and project management teams continue to provide the following key range of IT solutions.
  • Help you get your products to market faster?
  • Enhance and maintain your enterprise applications?
  • Step in at any stage of the development lifecycle?
  • Augment your staff with hard-to-find IT talent?
  • Understand your industry and local market?
Human hands touching keyboard buttons in working environment