Remote Telephone Answering Service

Provide Telephone Answering Service just as your business demand

Our highly experienced agents can answer the incoming phone, sending email or text messages and provide a large volume of call center services. We provide professional remote telephone answering service and messaging support service to businesses of any size, large or small, in every state across the world. Anywhere of the world inbound call center services can handle any business that can be performed by phone from telephone answering service. Outsourcing these activities saves on staffing, office space, equipment and other upper costs and frees you up to focus on your core business.

CCBD is the most reliable telephone answering service and calls center solution for your business. Automating inbound and outbound call center services including a wide range of call center agent time can save money and increase customer service.

By using CCBD’s telephone answering services, you can ensure your phones are answered by a live agent without delay, and that your callers get special customer service at a fraction of the cost to staff your office 24/7.

We are committed with our unique combination of inbound, outbound and electronic call center solutions, which provide different options that can organize with your telephone answering service logically. Our service includes online appointment scheduling, virtual receptionist multilingual service, customer satisfaction, data entry and management, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), lead Generation and Telemarketing Sales.

Features we offer

  • 24/7 Live  Phone Answering
  • Message Templates Customizing
  • Multiple Delivery Options
  • Call Forwarding or Direct Use  in Local Numbers
  • Multilingual Agents
  • Fulfillment In‐house Options
  • Available Toll‐free Phone Numbers

Your Benefits

  • Monthly Service Agreements
  • Non-delay service
  • Cost Effective
  • Staffing Efficiency is increasing
  • Seamless Integration with a Variety of Call Center Services
  • Customized Service to Meet Your Needs
  • National Level Technology and Support Local Agents
  • Secure Data Backup and Storage