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Outsource company secretarial services for support with incorporation of new companies, statutory registers, company secretary etc.

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Every company hires a secretary inside 6 months of incorporation, as well as the position cannot be vacant for more over 6 months. The secretary has to be a pure person who lives in Bangladesh.When registering a business in Bangladesh, it should be the directors' responsibility to take all appropriate efforts to ensure so each secretariat of the corporation is a person with the necessary experience and knowledge to discharge the features of the company's secretary.

Our experienced professional corporate secretarial services provider, certified auditors and advisors with years of experience, will provide you with noticed and alerts on all compliances on a regular basis. We work as a team to assist and keep your company's compliance and yearly filing requirements up to date.

Corporate secretarial services provider company in Bangladesh
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Our Core Services Include:

Our corporate secretarial services for Bangladesh and offshore companies are listed below, and for any related services, please contact one of our payrollBD team members:

  • Proper Bookkeeping and Recordkeeping
  • Assist in the organization of Annual Meetings
  • Assist in the organization of Incredible General Meetings
  • Submission of Annual Returns
  • General Corporate Advisory Services
  • Company goes on strike
  • Regular Statutory Timelines Monitoring

Our On-Going Corporate Secretarial Services For You

Corporate secretarial services

1. Convening Metting

Convening and holding exceptional shareholder meetings in conjunction with event-related activities and project work, as well as circulating minutes.

Corporate Secretarial

2. New Constitution

Help with major constitution changes in firm, such as changing the company name, registration offices, company issue & fiscal year.

Corporate secretarial services

3. Due Diligence

Performing due diligence on a corporation or trying to generate any other particular search reports in relation to the Companies as needed.

Offshore Company secretarial clerk

5. Share Transfer

Assistance with share transactions and share issues through private placements/right issues/sweat equity/ESOPs, among other things.

Corporate secretarial services

4. Firm Consulting

Providing comprehensive company advisory and operational services for company amalgamation, reconstruction, reorganization, and winding up.

Corporate secretarial services provider company in Bangladesh

6. Financial Info.

Preparation and submission of financial statements and other paperwork in XBRL Extensible Markup Language format. We also help with modifications.

Fully outsourced company secretarial in-house Partnership services

We have a global offshore team of over 500 experts on hand to achieve those goals while relieving stress, allowing you to focus on profit maximization. Let us relieve you of the pressure of keeping up with changing regulations. We can assist you in alleviating internal pressures so that your teams can simply focus on the sectors in which they add the most value.

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1. Reduce Risk.

Our specialists are based in-country and are familiar with the local rules, culture, and customs, as well as how they affect regulatory and legal compliance requirements.

Rebuilding business goals

3. Cost control

Costs are transparent, controllable, and invoiced in your preferred currency or location. If necessary, we can co - ordinate within 24 hours.

2. Control

2. Control

We provide worldwide reporting and an only one contact point for global operations. Activities are noticeable and adhere to the standards set by central management.

Fulfill your Needs

4. Focus

We can assist your legal team are becoming more efficient, reduce costs, and concentrate on core and depending on the severity.

Company Secretarial Services and Outsourcing

Corporate secretaries are the people in charge of administering board evaluations, conducting corporate governance audits, assisting directors with education, training, and orientation programs, and resolving succession planning issues. Corporate secretaries are essential collaborators with executive team.

A corporate secretary of a general populace company in Bangladesh must be suitably qualified and meet at least the following criteria:

1. Been a personal assistant of a company for a period three of the five years preceding his/her appointment as receptionist of a public company.

2. Person qualified under the Supreme Court Act

3. Accountant licensed under the Professional accounting Act

4. Member of the Singapore Institute of Chartered Accountants

5. Singapore member of the Institute Of chartered of Secretaries

It is critical to select a reputable corporate secretarial services company that is familiar with all local laws, including any extenders or modifications.

They must be capable of handling the organization of AGMs, tax filing, and the maintenance and having to file of business records inside the time frame specified by the authorities. Furthermore, a fantastic secretarial services company should make sure that the business is well organized, allowing you to save money in the long run.

The final aspect to consider once asking these questions is international law. If your company runs on a global scale, your company will need to be familiar with local laws in other countries that may actually affect litigation, not just your home country.

As your company grows, it may be advantageous to outsource non-core features to a single provider, freeing up your time and resources to focus on core features and strategic opportunities. Financial accounting, tax filing, and company payroll are examples of non-core functions.

Having all of these services under a roof not only saves you time searching for individual suppliers, but it also saves you money in the long run due to the efficiencies created by selecting a dedicated provider handle your non-core company’s operations.

Furthermore, it is probable that your supplier will be able to tailor a specific package that meets all of your business requirements, allowing you to save money.

PayrollBD is a largest business service company in Bangladesh with a 50+ year record of success trying to serve over 1200 clients throughout the region. We are experts in assisting businesses, ranging from multinational companies to fast-growing SMEs, in focusing on what matters most: growing their business. Our complete set of corporate services allows our clients to includes introducing, maximize savings, and stay organized for better decision making, from tax accounting to trying to manage secretarial duties for businesses across Asia-Pacific.

First Corporate offer a secretarial outsourcing service that takes care of all statutory annual filing.