Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription BPO

Medical transcription is an indefinite part of the healthcare system which acquires voice files of recorded data that is prescribed by doctor and converts it in the electronic format to represent medical history of the patient. As a busy healthcare specialist you need to do this whole procedure in the fastest possible way. The easiest way to do is to dictate your observations about your patients into a digital recording device and then send the voice files to us. We, with our reliable, high-speed and secure HIPAA-based medical transcription process will generate most accurate medical documents within a 24 hour turnaround time.

Our services include wide variety of transcribe of reports:

  • Patients medical history and physical reports
  • Summary of medical records
  • Emergency room reports
  • Patient charts
  • Clinical summary report
  • Surgical notes
  • Progress record notes
  • Medicine/Pediatric/Geriatric/Operative/ Rehabilitation and any other medical documentation reports

Our Medical Transcription Process


Retrieve data from client

Physician after recording patient-related data into a digital recording device, upload it in our secure encrypted FTP server in real time. Then we retrieve the dictation and process it

Transcription of the voice files

Our expert team uses software and templates to transcribe the audio that is received from the client into word processing document


Proofreading of the transcribed files

Our proof-readers after receiving the file check the transcripts for any grammatical mistakes or errors repeatedly to deliver accurate result

Quality check of the transcribed files

After completion of proofreading of documents it is sent to the quality assurance team to perform quality checks


Submission of the completed transcribed files

After all edit and review are done, it will be sent to the client with complete surety that transcribed files reach within the fastest turnaround time

Monitoring secured transmission of data

It is monitored 24/7 to ensure that the data reached to the client in a secured and confidential way without the loss of any information