Email Marketing

email marketing

Results Driven Services

  • Contact business heads and entrepreneurs
  • Send bulk E-mails at a time.
  • A spam free e-mail marketing service.
  • Well designed e-mail templates.
  • Track sent e-mails.
  • Contact Management facility
  • Reaching out to a wider consumer base, irrespective of geographical territory
  • Professionally carrying out a lead generation campaign
  • Informing the receivers clearly about the products and services 

Email Marketing Services

E-mail marketing is the fastest strategy to gain strong relationship with clients. It is an effective way of keeping in touch with your existing customers and also to develop new relationship with prospective new customers. Through email marketing campaigns you can acquire new customers, build loyalty, understand customer satisfactory level, engage existing customers, and improve brand awareness. Whether you require generating more leads or boosting audience engagement, email marketing is the most powerful tool to accomplish your goals effectively.  If you are already using search engine marketing, email marketing can further augment effective communication between your business and clients.

BPO Bangladesh offers comprehensive solutions that you need to make your emails very professional and effective. As it is one of the best marketing tools to drive positive results. Our email marketing is powerful and efficient which is designed to carry out your marketing campaign for complete email through a web friendly interface. We provide assurance to generate optimal results for your campaigns in the form of improved open and click-through rates. Our email marketing service is dedicated to serve responsive email template design, dynamic content, email list management, data-driven campaign planning, development and testing, analytics and consulting.


Strategy to Build Successful Email Marketing Campaign

email marketing

Select your target audience

We build strategy by consulting with you. Our professional experts target audience by segmenting them according to different categories, such as geographical locations, purchase history, or likeliness to respond. This way, we strategically target your e-mails to the appropriate customer groups.

email marketing

Set specific goals

At first to build email campaign we need to know specific purpose for your campaign. After knowing details from you to understand the requirements specifically we go for a thorough discussion whether it’s to drive higher traffic to your site, or just make your brand more popular, or to sell more products/services. Having a more focused email subject and body makes your e-mails more relevant to your customers which will help you to get more responsive action from them.

email marketing

Monitor and analyze progress

After forwarding an email we monitor continuously and measure the email campaign’s progress to evaluate the effectiveness of our strategies. We send report to you according to the progress and with your definite suggestions our team discovers the areas for improvement and makes necessary changes as soon as possible. From the report you can know which types of messages are gaining more responses and who are your prospective clients you can derive inspiration for your next messages, specifically in terms of formatting your call-to-action or the body of your message in general.