Sourcing and Procurement Services

Sourcing and Procurement Services In Bangladesh

BpoBD has helped numerous organizations save billions of dollars in both direct and indirect expenditure categories, thanks to unique industry experience and a long history of building sourcing and procurement services are best practices and processes.  We are dedicated to encouraging efficiency, reactivity, and flexibility in our clients’ supply chains, resulting in tangible and long-term outcomes.

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1. Management of Categories

In order to perform a good sourcing task, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of the spend category in question. Our professionals at BpoBD are well-versed and experienced in all aspects of category administration.

2. Cost-cutting based on contingencies

In exchange for our strategic sourcing and procurement services, BpoBD offers a number of fee options to our clients. We offer both flat-rate and fee-for-service invoicing alternatives, as well as an unrivaled contingency-based billing solution.

3. Negotiations & Contracting

BpoBD has successfully negotiated thousands of contracts since its inception. Furthermore, we have gathered a large database of contract terms and price points that can be leveraged to swiftly save money.

4. Architects and contractors (On-Site Temp Staffing)

BpoBD provides temporary staffing to assist with a variety of procurement and supply chain tasks. We provide a wide range of on-demand staffing and BPO services, as well as educated and experienced sourcing personnel to meet each client’s specific requirements.

5. Nearshoring and low-cost countries

We can help your organization find items created in the United States or by low-cost country vendors.

6. Outsourcing Sourcing and Procurement

By outsourcing the procurement process, BpoBD may assist your organization in sourcing and procurement services are more effectively. We can relieve your in-house purchasing staff of some of their responsibilities, allowing you to save money more quickly and efficiently.

7. Recruiting and Staffing Services

BpoBD can provide a variety of recruiting services to supplement or replace your current procurement resources. Our staffing services provide the perfect personnel for every supply chain, sourcing, or procurement role, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

A Holistic Approach

We’ve built a holistic approach to sourcing and procurement services that blends strategy, governance, and execution to drive benefits and improve solutions.

A major pillar of our strategy is balancing immediate savings measures with world-class, long-term procurement expertise within a company’s procurement methods, organizational structures, and technological solutions. Effective procurement and sourcing strategies necessitate an end-to-end approach.

Many firms have employed sourcing management, procurement solutions, and improvement programs in the past, but they still face significant challenges in generating and retaining procurement savings.

What’s the Difference Between Procurement and Sourcing?

Sourcing and Procurement services have a lot in common, but in order to understand them, we need to look at what makes them different. The key differences between sourcing and procurement are as follows.



1. Everything from discovering suppliers to screening and contracting them falls under the purview of sourcing.

1. Sourcing is responsible for everything from locating suppliers to screening and contracting them.

2. The focus is on the individuals who make supply feasible.

2. The focus of this article is on the what of supply..

3. Building and managing supply chains is what sourcing is all about.

3. Utilizes supply networks to provide a consistent flow of inputs and supplies to the company.

4. Sourcing oversees supply chains and creates backup plans in the event of a disaster.

4. Procurement is mostly concerned with maintaining supply chains that have previously been established.

Benefits of Working with BpoBD

BpoBD offers clients a diverse range of sourcing and procurement services that may be adapted to meet individual requirements. Clients that work with BpoBD report the following benefits:

  1. For all concerns, there is only one actual point of contact.
  2. Savings ranging from 10% to 40%
  3. In most cases, the return on investment is greater than 300 percent.
  4. Wins that are simple and quick
  5. leverage of purchasing power
  6. On your behalf, we negotiate

BpoBD Procurement Solutions conducts a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) with all of its clients to determine how much money the company is saving and what areas provide greater savings opportunities.


When you deal with BpoBD, you can rest assured that your supply chain management is in good hands. It would be a pleasure for us to do business with you.

Get in contact with us today to talk about the possibilities and how we can use our logistics and global purchasing experience to help you develop, expand, and improve your operations. You will be glad you contacted us today.