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Please rely on your interactions with our department between July 2010 and the present while making your decisions.

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The communication system of BpoBD is superior to others.


How was the first contact made?




contact service

How satisfied are you with Procurement & Distribution Services overall?


It is simple to understand the procurement laws, rules, and procedures.

procurement laws

What are the best channels for communication between Procurement and Distribution and you?

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  1. Email messages
  2. Messages in The Daily
  3. ProCWRUment Quarterly
  4. Procurement and Distribution Website

 If you have any further details concerning your interactions with Procurement & Distribution Services, kindly share them with us.

They announced the release of their “Distribution Services  Research Report.”

The insights and information in this report provide a thorough strategic analysis of the supply markets, factors influencing purchasing decisions, procurement best practices, pricing models, supplier landscape, and an analysis of the supplier capability matrix for the logistics, warehousing, and transportation industry.

In order to help readers make informed choices, this study dissects the data and analysis that underpin the purchase of distribution services.


The general caliber of the products and services the procurement team purchases satisfies our agency’s requirements.


The procurement team as a whole is pleasant and professional.

procurement team

Our procurement team offers Certified Procurement Officers and other personnel involved in the necessary training, or makes it available for them to do so.

Procurement Officers

Please list the office that you most recently visited or dealt with:

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Procurement (Purchasing)