Bangladesh BPO Potential Emerging

Bangladesh BPO Potential Emerging

BACCO president Ahmadul Haque told The Independent that Bangladesh has all the elements to make its BPO sector a success.

“If you look at both India and the Philippines, you will see that despite poor infrastructure and internet connectivity, the BPO industry is expected to continue to flourish, mainly due to abundant English-speaking labour supplies and BPO-friendly government regulations there,” he said.

“In Bangladesh, youths are increasingly turning towards improving their English-speaking skills. The rates of IT and business education have also shot up many times. The government has also pledged to support this industry. All these indicate that we are in the position to take the industry to the next level.”

He said Bangladesh is also evaluating its competitive cost advantage over other emerging countries. “It is located in a geographically advantageous location for BPOs in terms of its time zone. It’s a big plus for us.” Ahmadul said initially, qualified professionals should enter this industry. “This is because we would not be able to get the contracts from the foreign companies unless we can impress them with qualified professionals. Once we get the contracts, we can employ amateur youths and get them trained by the professionals.”

The problem is, he said, there are qualified people here who do not want to take up the jobs because they prefer more secure day jobs, as the BPO sector feels “too temporary”. “But in the Philippines, there are employees who leave their day jobs for higher wages in BPO jobs.”

He added that in the closing day of this year’s summit, some 21,000 curriculum vitae (CVs) were submitted by youths wanting to work or train in the sector during the summit. “These youths are very enthusiastic and eager to join the BPO industry.”


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