BPO-tips, Content Strategy

1. Breaks should be taken regularly. Be sure to get up and stretch every hour or so.

2. Take care of your services and time. Several bosses fear that their staff who work from home do nothing but watch Netflix and do laundry.

3. Keep an eye on your work area. Discuss the hours you’ll be working from home with your family or housemates, as well as the ground rules for those hours.

4. Use a white noise machine or an app to create a soothing environment. This is a great way to eliminate noise disturbances in your workspace.

5. Learn about your company’s policy on working from home as you are a virtual assistant. Your HR department most likely has a handbook or set of instructions for working in a crisis, including policies, procedures, and expectations for remote work.

6. Keep track of your project’s development. Remote workers must be exceptionally proactive and resourceful.