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The Client: The client maintains a full-fledged online exchange between hospitals and suppliers, linking 1000s of daily active customers, 9000+ registered merchants, and 3000+ healthcare facilities. The software handles all buying and billing data, also saving up to 80% on invoice data entry processing expenses.

Focus Point:

1. We’ve worked with a wide range of companies and sectors, including eCommerce, medical, law, education, finance, real estate, research organizations, insurance, and travel.

2. For the past fifteen years, BPO has provided invoice data entry services. This gives us a lot of experience and versatility.

3. We are happy to provide you with some free samples of our work. Once you are happy  with the quality of our work, you may delegate a complete project to us.

Requirements of the Client for Invoices Data Entry

A client wanted a staff that was commite to working under time constraints. Processing and organizing invoice data take an inordinate amount of time, effort, and people. Regardless of the numbers, each activity has to be completed within 24 hours. The whole work of processing invoice data entry outsourcing was meant to be handle by specifically created software.

1. Preloaded invoices should be digitize in JPG and PDF formats.

2. Using specialist software to provide accurate and also smooth invoice entry automation processing

3. Provide a 24-hour processing window for all data, regardless of quantity.

4. Employ and assign a crew to work under time constraints.

5. Set up accounts payable to allow for smooth input into ERP and to eliminate any delays in invoice data entry services processing.

Challenges Faced

BPO’s Solution
1.Our invoice data capture specialists had to remain active and up to date around the clock since orders from consumers continued coming in. 1.Gain a complete understanding of your daily exposure.
2.All of the data would have to be submit accurately, with little room for error; invoices involve several computations, and also even a single error may cause a major issue. 2. Whether it’s a file upload, e-mail, print mail, faxes, PDFs, or OCR, send vital business information with ease.
3.We would have to keep a 100% accuracy level throughout, which required entire concentration and devotion. 3.Regardless of the format, provide all invoice data entry services to clients electronically.
4.Because all invoice data entry outsourcing had to be handle within a certain time frame, the team had to keep a close eye on the clock; failure to do so may result in customer concerns. 4.Avoid any form of invoice data entry outsourcing processing hiccups.

Special emphasis was placed on data confidentiality and security for this project. The team set rigorous timelines and also worked 24/7 as an integral part of their process. By connecting to the ERP system via a private VPN connection, special emphasis was put on invoice entry automation data privacy and security.

The Final Result for Invoices Data Entry

The client was pleased with the production, precision, turnaround time, and also pricing. The customer was particularly delight with BPO’s adherence to SLAs and data quality.

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