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Which Should be Picked Between an LLC and Company Incorporation Services?

Whether your team consists of two or ten employees, incorporating may benefit all businesses. And in Bangladesh, it is simple to establish an incorporated company. We handle the incorporation online and walk you through the process. Most of our clients pick Limited Liability Companies since they meet the requirements of most businesses and the procedure is quick.

The importance of Incorporating to Protect Your Investments

Asset protection is provided by incorporations and LLCs rather than by sole proprietorships and general partnerships. A general partner or single proprietor is liable for all business debts and liabilities. An owner’s house, vehicle, savings, or other personal property should not be affected by a judgment against the business in a corporation or LLC that was created and organized through company incorporation services.

You can pick between the suffixes “corporate” and “incorporate” when naming your business. The most typical is Inc., although eventually it is up to you.

Where and How to Incorporate Your Business in Bangladesh

For various reasons, most firms incorporate or create an LLC in the state in which they operate:

  1. Picking your native state is usually the easiest option.
  2. Generally speaking, it is less expensive than incorporating in another state, although there are a few exceptions.
  3. You can avoid paying franchise taxes and submitting yearly reports to many states.

A corporation or LLC with locations across many states may be incorporated in one state before registering to conduct business in other states. This implies that to conduct business both here and overseas, you must register, submit yearly reports, and pay annual fees.

4 Steps of Opening Company Incorporation Services in Bangladesh

There are a few procedures that must be followed because the company incorporation process in Bangladesh is not computerized. The procedure for establishing a business in the country is outlined below.

  1. Choose the entity’s legal status as a business.
  2. Verify whether the desired name is available. You must be sure that the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver will accept the name you choose.
  3. Documentation for the association’s memorandum and articles should be written.
  4. Fax or mail the necessary paperwork to the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver (for instance, HE1, HE2, HE3, the reservation of the name of the company incorporation, the memorandum, and the articles of organization). The procedure should be executed by a Bangladesh-registered lawyer.

A legal party refers to the person who owns a firm. The term “shareholder” or “stockholder” refers to this person in a corporation. This person would be a member of an LLC.

Legal Tips for Bangladeshi Companies

Accounting: The Accounting and Auditing Regulatory Agency (ACRA) in Bangladesh is receiving XBRL-formatted yearly financial statements from businesses. This entails updating general ledgers, accounts payable and receivable, or fixed asset ledgers, among other ledgers.

Business Tax: Tax filing deadlines for businesses are November 30 (paper filing) and December 15 (e-filing).

Annual General Meeting: Company incorporation services providers help businesses communicate the results of their annual general meetings every year. The firms must submit their financial accounts for review by the shareholders.

Corporate Secretary: Bangladesh must ensure that the company’s incorporation name and UEN are on all official papers, communications, and business letters.

Annual Returns Filing: A month following its AGM, it must submit annual returns.

Determine Financial Year: Any month may be chosen by the company incorporation  services to begin the annual year.

Four Steps Are Advised to Be Taken Once The Firm Has Been Incorporated:

  1. Create a bank account
  2. Check your requirements for Bangladesh VAT registration and register for Bangladesh taxes.
  3. Sign up for Social Insurance Contributions
  4. If the Bangladeshi government requires it owing to industry restrictions, obtain a specific license or permit.


We provide startup assistance to both locals and visitors. You may create a business in Bangladesh without being present. That’s correct, and we’ll take care of everything for you. In order to avoid any additional fees with your present service providers, we often encourage clients to hold off until the end of the current fiscal year. However, in the end, everything depends on the setup’s structure. Reach out for a free consultation on enhancing your company incorporation setup in Bangladesh and learn more about our accounting and legal services.