Improve Productivity With Medical Transcription Outsourcing

medical transcription

Nowadays healthcare industries face a lot of challenges in improving both efficiency and quality. So, to maintain separate hard copy charts of patient’s history notes and treatment is interminable task and may often lead to inaccurate outcome.

With the advent of digital technology outsourcing medical transcription saves a lot of time, increase productivity and decrease overhead cost. Along with that, it provides fastest delivery of correct medical documentation without any flaws.


Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Medical transcription is the process of conversion of voice files into paper or electronic format which can easily be reviewed, transmitted and stored. It converts voice-record reports into text format which is dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals. But to acquire accurate medical transcription is a difficult task and also require deep experience.

Outsourcing medical transcription can help to streamline operations as it is done by professionals. That’s why it is one of the best remedy that many healthcare providers have discovered to reduce expenses and maximize existing internal resources maintaining high quality healthcare services and patient care.


medical transcription











Why will you choose medical transcription outsourcing?

In the challenging demand considering time and budget, managing medical transcription can be burdensome. To meet these demands faster possible way, transcription service providers use more advanced technology, highly skilled staff and outstanding quality control measures. Let’s find it out the benefits of choosing outsourcing to medical transcription:


Help to concentrate more on patient care

In-house medical transcription department can cost you lot of time and money in hiring in house staff. But if you choose medical transcription outsourcing it can help you to reduce investments to a great extent. This can help you to serve better healthcare and patient services.









Deliver Highly Accurate Transcripts in  Less Turnaround Time

Outsourcing medical transcription gives you access to professional skilled staff deliver highly accurate transcriptions in shorter turnaround time.


Maintain HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcriptions

In order to ensure optimum accuracy, outsourcing service providers deliver medical transcriptions according to HIPAA compliant medical transcriptions standard



Medical Transcription Outsourcing








Help To Maintain Detail Records of Patient

Medical transcription outsourcing helps you to maintain detail documentation records of patients which improve efficiency in workflow and help you to serve your patients more professionally in a better approach.

medical transcription











Outsourcing medical transcription can provide you with faster turnaround time with high accuracy without the need of managing your own staff or infrastructure which increase productivity to gain more patient feedback.

Top 5 Benefits To Choose Outsourcing Your Business Process


There are some factors when you need to consider outsourcing your business processes. Not only startup companies with small fund but also some of the established companies may also need to outsource their business.

In today’s competitive world where new ideas are always emerging, it has become impossible to maintain work-life balance. Overworking cannot be an alternative to success in business. Best way to manage and plan for a successful business is to outsource some of the functions rather than to keep all tasks in house desk.


BPO does more than saving time and money


A common thing that comes in our mind when we think about BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) that it only allows us to saves time and helps us to focus on major part of the business. But the fact is, BPO does more than that.


Let’s find out the benefits to consider outsourcing your business process:

Improve Efficiency:


You and your team are working late hours at office but still you are not being able to manage time to finish work before deadline. This is happening may be because the workload is much higher than the regular schedule or there is lack of skill set. Now, think if you consider outsourcing then you only had to focus on the core responsibilities that you ought to do and the other things are handled by skilled professionals expertise in those areas. In this way a consistency is maintained in terms of quality and performance.


Increase Scalability:



To hire a permanent employee is much tougher than to hire an outsourced employee, because fixed employee has to go through training period which can cost you both time and money. But on the other hand an outsourced employee is experienced enough and doesn’t have to go through training period. Again, there is no need to think of hiring or firing of an employee, as you easily can fix the changes when you need to increase or decrease the size of your team. This helps you to easily scale changes against your business needs.


Gain faster customer response:


Through BPO you can gain more customer response and feedback, because you can know about their demands easily and work accordingly. On the other hand, in fixed workplace people get less amount of time to think about the customers and their growing needs which make their customer satisfaction metrics to slow down. But in BPO, the relation between you and your customer get stronger as they provide you with 24/7 customer support.


Set work-life balance:


You and your employees are tired of taking work stress. Your workload is so high that you can’t even think of a recreation. Sometimes you even had to miss personal life events as you had to finish your work. But think about it, if you switch to BPO, there is chance of about 50% of work to be lessened which can even help you to get enough time to polish your skills.


Saves time and money:

bpo outsourcing

This is the prime factor of choosing BPO, both of your time and money is saved profusely and you can save enough to invest on other sides of your business. Most importantly it helps to increase productivity and efficiency at workplace.


BPO along with saving time and money works with you being a helping hand to grow your business and improve your performance. It builds a bridge to access highly trained employees, helps you to scale your business according to your needs, set a proper work life balance, keep in budget your time and money, and ultimately helps you to gain faster customer feedback.

Budget Your Time Like Your Money With Your Own Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Do you want to save budget and flexible working hours with unlimited opportunities of working with a group of talented people from all around the world? Then virtual office is the best choice for you. It does not only allow you to save time but also help you to reduce overhead cost.


What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Office

If you own a start-up or small business, you’re already alert to the fact the necessity to reduce your expenses. From insurance to stationary, it’s essential to avoid wasting each penny that you simply presumably can. The biggest challenge one face for initiating business is rent of workplace. So here comes in handy the idea of virtual office space that offers all the advantages and perks that skilled workplace area offers with a complete access to admin facilities, while not having to be tied right down to bills and rent.

A virtual company literally means that one can get all the benefits of an office with a professional address at an affordable budget having same convenience of a big company image without bearing the cost of fixed office existence or dedicated office space.

virtual office

Bangladesh has seen a dramatic change in trade and commerce. So, with this growth rate, it is important to invest more in customers and clients rather than to spend in a lease or pay rent on a location.


Let’s find out the advantages of having a virtual office in Bangladesh:

1. Save Time On Commute:

Traffic jam is a curse for Dhaka city so two or three hours every day is spent for getting ready to work and traveling to office. But if there is virtual office one can spend the time in working which will help in increasing productivity.


2.Work Life Balance:

Operating long hours within the workplace surroundings may be a serious issue of stress for workers.

In modern times Bangladesh is also facing the growing stress among working population which is attributed to the imbalance in a work-life pattern.

So, the best option to spend a quality time with family or for themselves without taking leave is working in a virtual office. You can even make up the time later that you have spent. So, it provides that much flexibility.


 Virtual office


3.Low Set-Up Workplace Costs

In Bangladesh many startup companies are growing gradually.But, setting up an office means a huge task. Starting from decoration, setting desks and computers, supplying coffee and tea each week can expense you a lot. But if you switch to virtual office,so costs are saved from renting an office, which allows your small business to focus on earning money instead of wasting it.Virtual Office


4.Get Opportunity To Work With Worldwide Talent:

In the recent time of digital Bangladesh, it is so much necessary to hire talented individuals who are efficient in utilizing technology. Virtual office offers you to sit in the remote place and give you the access to work with foreign countries which helps your business to develop proficiently.Virtual Office


5.Virtual Office Strengthen The Relation Between You And Customer:

How to get the best from your business? The answer is client satisfaction. Virtual office provides you a professional live receptionist who always answers incoming calls for your business and takes queries from your client. It will help you to know the demand for your business among your customers and develop new tactics and strategy for business.

Virtual Assistant

So to urge success in your business in an inexpensive approach it’s necessary to start your own virtual workplace. Because once a business start growing, it is a challenge to accommodate new employees, relocate to new offices, and invest cash in workplace accessories. However if you work in a virtual office, businesses aren’t set back when scaling up their operations and can reallocate their budget towards different areas.

Accounting BPO: Next Outsourcing To Rock Bangladesh

accounting bpo

Thinking of hiring a bunch of professionals to manage your financial needs? Are you out of time and budget? Then choose a shortcut, start working with accounting BPO. Accounting BPO not only control costs and manage risks but also drive business strategy along with revenue growth.

What is Accounting BPO?

Accounting BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) plays a vital role in BPO industry. The work of accounting BPO is to do account related task such as payroll or a part of a work for another business organization. It is implemented as a cost-saving measure and has a high impact on business growth which helps to gain productivity.

Accounting BPO services:

  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Accounts Receivable Functions
  • Preparing Balance sheet
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Tax Preparation
  • Year-end financial report
  • Invoice Factoring Functions
  • Cheque Postings
  • Payroll Processing
  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Document Management
  • Invoice Entering
  • Verification And Collection calls
  • Financial Statement Preparation


 accounting bpo

Why do you need to outsource your finance department?

  • Fractional use of finance and accounting professionals
  • As it is maintained by a third party so you don’t have any obligation to pay salaries or benefit costs
  • It alleviates the burden of hiring, training and maintaining accounting staff which result in fast utilization of time and efficient workflow
  • Provide a high level of flexibility with emerging technology and cloud-based applications
  • Your confidentiality, risk management, governance and improved security of your accounts information is maintained under close supervision with a bunch of professionals.
  • Budget and space saving


Impact of Accounting BPO in Bangladesh business sector:

Zunaid Ahmed Palak, Minister of State for Information and Communication Technology said, “Bangladesh government has declared information technology and BPO as the top priority after RMG. Finance and accounting outsourcing has become an integral part of the BPO sector.”

With the advance of business industries, numbers of BPO sectors in Bangladesh are increasing day by day to solve the huge amount of accounting chores to maintain business expandability. This sector of the country has got a lot of new opportunities to flourish.

With accounting BPO one can hire professionals from other offices located outside their area and can work with the team. Tuhin Khondokar, Chief Financial Officer of says, “There are many clients working with us from Rajshahi, Chittagong, Narayanganj and other areas outside of Dhaka, and we are serving our clients with the best that we can”. So, through accounting BPO one can easily get accustomed with the current trend of business flow with cost effective solution and can get the most benefit from any part of the world.

accounting bpo

Bangladesh can be an alternative BPO hub

Bangladesh can be an alternative destination for business process outsourcing (BPO) with its young and dedicated IT talents, said ASM Mohiuddin Monem, chairman of ServicEngineBPO.

The Dhaka-based BPO company has already proved that it is possible to compete with other regional countries such as India and the Philippines that are the pioneer in the industry.

ServicEngineBPO, an entity of conglomerate Abdul Monem Ltd, has been recognised as one of the top 100 global outsourcing companies by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals or IAOP for the third consecutive year.

It is the only Bangladeshi firm that has been securing a place on the list of “The Global Outsourcing 100” as a “Rising Star” since 2014 for its excellence in the IT industry.

Rapid growth, corporate social responsibility activities and excellent client referrals are the key reasons behind the emergence of the company.

“By now, it is proven that we can perform at global standards and compete with countries like India and the Philippines,” said Monem.

Bangladesh can definitely reach the $5 billion export target of the ICT ministry by 2021, he said, while sharing his company’s achievement as well as his experience in an interview with The Daily Star recently. “IT outsourcing can work as a major catalyst to achieve the export target and help materialise the government’s dream of digital Bangladesh by 2021,” he said.

But to make the sector more competitive the prerequisites are proper marketing support for branding Bangladesh as an alternative BPO hub and export incentives from the government, he said.

The company started its journey with only six people in 2006 and now has a team of more than 500 young talents working 24/7. Their service mantra is “better people, better service and better results”.

One of the unique features of ServicEngineBPO is that around one third of its staff members are young, educated and empowered females.

ServicEngineBPO is also actively engaged in CSR activities in the areas of education, nutrition, wellbeing and environment that has given the company a competitive edge in securing a place on the Global Outsourcing 100 or GO100 for three consecutive years.

“This is not only an achievement for ServicEngineBPO but also for all the IT professionals and Bangladeshis,” said Monem.

The GO100 is an annual listing of the world’s best outsourcing service providers compiled and announced by the IAOP, which released the latest version in June this year.

The IAOP prepares the list by evaluating each company in five areas: size and growth, customer references, awards and certifications, programmes for innovation and CSR.

“We are proud that the IAOP has recognised us as one of the top 100 outsourcing companies in the world. We will continue to flourish in IT and IT-enabled services and help establish Digital Bangladesh through employment generation, export diversification, technological innovation and digitisation,” he said.

“Employees are the hero of our story and we believe that better service is better business,” said Monem, also the deputy managing director of Abdul Monem Ltd.

ServicEngineBPO specialises in back office processing, digital advertising operations, web and software development, data aggregation and analysis, quality assurance and testing and call quality assurance for top US and global companies.

The continuous growth momentum of the industry, global and local recognition and demographic dividend of young talents in Bangladesh have encouraged ServicEngineBPO so much that the company plans to double its workforce and open multiple centres in near future.

Currently it is providing business solutions to more than 30 global clients. It has offices in Bangladesh and the USA. Its future plan is to open more offices in Bangladesh and internationally to attract more global firms. It also expects new work contracts and plans to employ more and more IT talents from Bangladesh.


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