Outsource BPO Services

Every company in the world aspires to boost its potential for expansion. Using BPO services that have been outsourced will increase your productivity. Business process outsourcing is referred to as BPO. In our globe, there are various BPO service types. We were recruited six months ago to manage order fulfillment by a well-known IT company in Bangladesh. Then we present them with our BPO outsourcing services. Go to the case study now!

The Client

ABS Group Limited ( Client: Mr. Boshir)

The largest company in the business process outsourcing sector is ABS Group Limited. We at Pericent have a very experienced staff that has taken part in the deployment of numerous business process outsourcing solutions, including the Account Payable Outsourcing Process. These solutions automate these processes to make it possible to follow a work assignment, track the progress of the documents being processed through SLA and TATA notifications and reports, distribute the workload according to rules, assign work to the queue, and perform quality control, among other things.


To handle the outsourcing of all Renault invoices to Genpact for work distribution, data input, quality check, approval, and posting to ERP, AP process installation is required. Clients found it difficult to manage the outsourced process manually or using a conventional application.

  • There is no flexibility in setting up the policies and flow.
  • No method to monitor the progress of the client-initiated case.
  • Hard to keep track of workload distribution.
  • There is no method to configure a parameter-based assignment of task queues.
  • Handling delivery quality assurance is challenging.


With the ability to automate Work distribution, SLA Monitoring, Batch Sampling, Quality Assurance, various reports of that nature, SLA, and Quality, etcPERICENT has designed and implemented a variety of such workflows for managing BPO procedures. In order to outsource processes and provide real-time tracking. Automated load balancing and distribution of job cases. Monitoring SLA and alerting for appropriate action when necessary implementation procedure with delivery audit trail and quality assurance.

Smart Tips for Winning Customers by Outsourcing BPO Services

  • Recognize Your Type of Customer
  • Pick the appropriate BPO outsourcing activity.
  • Request references and proof of experience from the outsourcing vendor.
  • The future growth plan’s road map
  • Use your authority to make decisions that are final.
  • Verify the Outsourcing Company’s Use of Reliable Sources
  • Rebranding and restrategizing should be done in accordance with monitored KPIs.

How Do They Benefit From Us?

  • Cost savings: One of the main factors in people choosing to outsource their business process is the ability of outsourcing to assist firms save money. BPO has created a talented pool of workers who are accessible for low wages, which leads to significant cost reductions and higher firm revenues.
  • Professionals with experience are readily available: The inconvenience and expense of hiring and training new personnel is significant for the business. The challenges of hiring and training are easily avoided when the duties are outsourced to an established business with all the capabilities.
  • Ability to Concentrate on Core Business: Because a sizable portion of the company’s operations are outsourced to a service provider, the top management can concentrate on these core operational areas. Additionally, this increases staff productivity and enables them to make wiser business decisions.
  • Excellent Source of Customer Feedback: Since the majority of BPO personnel interact directly with clients, they can get first-hand feedback on goods and services. The organization can then use this insightful criticism to enhance the services it offers.
  • Access to the Most Recent Updated Technologies: Purchasing the Most Recent Updated Technologies in a Licensed Version is Very Expensive.

This idea carries danger, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot afford to set aside a consistent budget for investing in cutting-edge technology. As a result, it becomes challenging for a corporation to keep up with the most recent advances. Therefore, outsourcing to businesses that already have access to the technology and possess the necessary knowledge is more lucrative for multinational corporations.

The Future of the BPO Industry

The BPO sector has had significant growth over the years because of all of its benefits, and predictions indicate that this growth will continue in the near future as well. The BPO sector currently generates the second-highest number of jobs, and by 2020, it’s predicted that the global BPO market will reach an astounding $400 billion!

Global organizations are now in a position to dramatically improve their offers thanks to in-depth data analytics, as long as backend activities are handled by qualified outsourcing service providers. Because of this, choosing BPO services will grow in popularity among small and medium-sized organizations in the upcoming years.


Business process outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third party to complete tasks that are essential to the operation of your company (BPO). Essentially, your company would enter into a contract with a third party organization like RDI Connection to handle crucial yet auxiliary business functions.

An advertising company might enter into a contract with a financial firm to manage the company’s payroll or finances, for example. Your firm will be more profitable and become more productive if you use outside services like those provided by RDIConnect. For more questions, get in touch with us!


What are the many BPO service categories?

The back office and the front office are the two primary categories of BPO services. Back office duties include tasks like billing, record-keeping, and accounting that don’t include direct contact with clients. On the other side, front office services include work that involves interacting with customers, like tech support, sales, and customer service.

We who we are?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company Bpo BD provides all-inclusive outsourcing solutions in Bangladesh. We deliver outstanding customer service and cultivate long-lasting client relationships as a third-party business partner.

How can we help?

We provide services across a range of sectors, including e-learning and e-commerce. We can collaborate with you so that you can scale on various business prospects without any difficulty.