Data entry Outsourcing

Data entry is a specialized and time-consuming task that needs to be assigned to skilled professionals. However, hiring a full-time employee solely for the data entry process can be too expensive for most startups and SMBs. Sometimes, even large companies might occasionally need to outsource to take care of any additional data entry work.

So how do you go about it?

In this guide to data entry outsourcing, we’ll highlight the 10 tips of outsourcing the data entry process.  Analysts have predicted that the data-entry outsourcing services market will register a CAGR of almost 5% by 2023. Data entry outsourcing services need to be well-defined and incorporate strong process management aided by technology.

We’ll highlight three excellent data entry service providers to help you get started immediately.

Data Entry Outsourcing: How Does It Work?

Data entry is the act of transcribing written documents into digital data, or of transcribing one type of electronic data into another.  Additionally, it can provide the company with enhanced security and privacy of their data, as well as access to more efficient technology and tools.

1. Streamlining operations: Outsourcing data entry can help streamline operations by offloading manual and time-consuming tasks to a reliable third party. 

2. Cost savings: Outsourcing data entry services can save a company significant costs associated with hiring and training in-house staff. 

3. Improved accuracy: By outsourcing data entry to a reliable partner, businesses can ensure accuracy and high quality standards. 

4. Access to high-quality technology: Outsourcing data entry services can provide access to the latest technology, such as advanced software and hardware, which can help to improve data accuracy and processing speed. 

5. Greater flexibility:Companies can tailor data entry services to their specific requirements and adjust the amount of resources being used as needed. 

6. Increased efficiency: By outsourcing data entry, businesses can free up their staff to focus on more important tasks, such as customer service and product development.

The Costing of Data Entry Outsourcing 

The cost of data entry outsourcing can vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of data entry services required, the complexity of the task, the number of Bpo data entries needed, the turnaround time, and the type of company providing the services. 

On average, the cost of data entry outsourcing can range anywhere from $3 to $20 per hour. However, the cost can be significantly lower depending on the number of data entries needed and the complexity of the task.  For example, a simple form entry task can cost around $3 per hour, while a complex data entry task requiring extensive research can cost up to $20 per hour.

Most Commonly Outsourced Data Entry Services

  • Online Data Entry: This type of data entry services involves collecting, entering and updating data on websites, databases, spreadsheets and other online platforms. This type of service is very helpful in keeping track of customer or organizational data over the internet. 
  • Offline Data Entry: This type of data entry involves collecting and entering data from paper documents into a computer or other digital systems. It includes scanning, indexing and sorting of documents, as well as verification and validation of data. 
  •  Image Data Entry: This type of data entry involves converting scanned images, handwritten documents, and other image formats like PDFs into a digital format. It includes scanning, indexing, sorting, and verifying the accuracy of data. 
  •  Form Data Entry: This type of data entry involves collecting and entering data from print or online forms into the digital system. It includes verifying the accuracy of the data, checking the validity of the form fields, and entering the data into the required fields. 
  • Data Conversion: This type of data entry involves converting data from one format to another. It includes converting text files, images, PDFs, and other digital formats into the required format. This type of service is used mainly for updating or migrating data.

Tips For Successful Data Entry Outsourcing 

  • Choose a data entry service provider that has a proven track record of success. Make sure you understand their processes and that they are capable of meeting your specific requirements.
  • Ensure data security by using a secure data processing service provider. This will help protect any sensitive information that you may be collecting. 
  • Make sure the data entry service provider understands your goals and objectives for the project. Make sure they are familiar with the data entry process, and that they understand the importance of accuracy and timeliness. 
  • Have a clear timeline in place. You should set deadlines for when you expect the data entry to be completed. 
  • Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the data entry process. Ensure that the data entry service provider understands the data entry requirements and the software they will be using. 
  • Regularly monitor the progress of the data entry project. Make sure the data entry service provider is meeting the deadlines and that the data is accurate.
  • Have a system for communication. Make sure you have a way to contact the data entry service provider if you have questions or need to provide clarifications. 


The best outsourcing firm for data entry The best outsourcing firm for data entry depends on your specific needs. You should research different firms to find one that meets your requirements and budget.  Some popular firms include Accenture, IBM, and Infosys. Additionally, you may want to consider local or regional data entry firms that can provide specialized services. 

It is important to research each one to ensure you are working with a firm that can provide the services you need and that has a good track record of delivering quality work.


1. Do you provide data entry services in other languages?

Ans: Yes. We do provide multi-lingual data entry services in all major languages.

2. How long does it take to complete a project?

Ans: We provide a quick response for our data entry service, and guarantee a turnaround time of 24 hours in most cases. However, the project turnaround time will also depend on the volume of work, project complexity, and urgency.

3. How do you ensure that my data is completely secure?

Ans: We follow a streamlined procedure to take care that none of your documents or confidential data is published, disclosed, distributed, or sold. Additionally, we make our employees sign a Non-disclosure agreement during the hiring process to ensure that your data is completely secure with us.