Bookkeeping Services


We’re looking for a bookkeeper to handle all of our accounting. You’ll be responsible for creating financial reports as well as keeping track of our company’s income, costs, and taxes. You will also be in charge of auditing our books to confirm the accuracy of our records.


Some of the duties a bookkeeper is expected to perform in their capacity are listed below:

  1. Assemble and evaluate account data to create accounting records. 
  2. To assist assure the accuracy of financial statements, reconcile the company’s financial records. 
  3. Prepare tax returns for both individuals and businesses. 
  4. Prepare financial statements by posting financial transactions to the accounts. 
  5. To determine upcoming business requirements, research financial trends. 
  6. Job Requirements and Skill Sets

Requirements for a Bookkeeper:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, or a related subject 
  2. strong working understanding of financial statements, accounting principles, and accounting systems 
  3. competent with Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook), with strong Excel abilities 
  4. Strong QuickBooks working knowledge; familiarity with other tax and accounting software 
  5. strong interpersonal, verbal, written, and organizational skills 
  6. a focus on detail and the ability to prioritize 
  7. able to function both individually and as a team