Outsourcing TAX Necessary in Bangladesh

According to Bangladesh tax law, every company is required to keep complete records in order to monitor the timely payment of the required consumption tax. Therefore, do you think tax outsourcing is effective for your business growth?

Yes, tax outsourcing is particularly helpful for those business owners who would rather concentrate on expanding their company. It assists you with a range of tax accounting services, including tax computation, analyzing tax reports, and much more.

Let’s get started on this without more delay!

How Tax Outsourcing Is Effective for Your Business Growth?

Tax outsourcing experts maintain the stability and expansion of your company. They can respond to your inquiries concerning cash flow, depreciation, financial reports, and other topics.

Furthermore, they can offer guidance on how to save money on taxes, such as when to make capital purchases, what you can deduct, and how to lower capital gains taxes.  Tax outsourcing can help to stay compliant, avoiding missed deadlines and non-compliance fines. Lastly, a skilled and reliable tax registration service provider will handle all data and personal information in the finest way possible.

Is Outsourcing TAX Necessary in Bangladesh?

In order to run a successful firm in Bangladesh, the primary goal is to increase income. Your major focus will be hampered, and your company’s future growth will be impeded, if you are forced to deal with regulatory authorities for non-compliance on a constant basis.

You won’t have to worry about any ramifications if you outsource your tax and accounting work. Additionally, outsourcing saves your money by avoiding the expense of hiring extra staff.



Enables concentration on core business


Boost service quality


Availability of intellectual property


Resolves capability problems


Necessary for business demands


Business environment


Approximate Cost of Contracting Out Your Tax Preparation Work

Outsourcing tax preparation services is typically done to save costs. Accountants are paid $39 per hourly pay.

However, expenses can be cut by around 50% through outsourcing. The identical labor would cost about $20 per hourly pay if it were outsourced to a Bangladeshi service provider.

This service may prove to be quite beneficial during the hectic season. By outsourcing the work, the hefty effort might be reduced. Quick turnaround makes it easier to manage the process effectively.

5 Arguments in Favor of Outsourced Tax

1. Access to Qualified & Experienced Professionals:

Through outsourcing, you can access the experts who are knowledgeable about the most recent regulatory and tax changes and have specialized industry knowledge.

2.Saves Cost and Time:

You can save time by outsourcing your tax preparation so that it can be used for daily tasks, managing new clients, and staff management. You can save costs on expenses such as accounting software, hiring, training, and office supplies, among others.

3. Flexible and Stable:

Working with an outsourcing company allows you to keep or even improve the standard of your company’s client work which can maintain flexibility and stability of your work.

4. Revenues Growth:

The extra revenue from high-margin work for new clients you are able to recruit more than covers up for any additional costs given the low cost of tax preparation outsourcing.

5. Reduces Risk:

You can reduce your risk of internal fraud by hiring a third party to audit the money flow. Additionally, this unbiased third party can provide norms of checks and balances, which eventually aid to increase compliance.

4 Steps to Select The Best Tax Outsourcing Provider in Bangladesh

1. Identify the basic needs: Identifying the services you truly need is the first step in selecting the best tax specialists.

2. Consult with others: It’s time to search for full information about the services you need. Asking for recommendations from your network is the best way to get a good service.

3. Cross-check the details: Verify a company’s licenses and permits if you plan to hire them. Even so, there is no assurance that they would be the best match for you.

4. Arrange an interview: In Bangladesh, the tax season is an extremely busy time for licensed tax agents. 

How Experts Can Assist with TAX Outsourcing?

The following services can be offered to firms by experts from outsourced TAX accounting service providers:

Business consulting: A respectable and well-established serviced provider can not only take care of your tax accounting tasks but also can give you a platform for enhancing cash flow and boosting earnings.

Reduction of tax penalties: Tax report preparation or filing errors can be highly expensive. When tax-related duties are outsourced, experts handle them, so you don’t have to be concerned about fines and penalties from the tax authorities.

Tax and accounting outsourcing is expected to grow to a revised size of US$53.4 billion by 2026 from an anticipated US$43.1 billion in 2022.

What is VAT Outsourcing?

Employee salary and service provided by one business to another within the same VAT group registration are not liable for VAT. Therefore, when a business outsources activities to a third party, this usually results in a VAT charge that was not previously payable.

Difference Lies on TAX and VAT

1. VAT is imposed and repaid on transactions involving both income and expense. On the other hand, a tax return is based on the amount of reported earnings declared by the relevant business during its accounting year. 

2. Another point of distinction is the submission date for the returns, which can be annual, quarterly, or even monthly for VAT returns, which is significantly different from the submission date for tax returns.

Things To Consider Before Outsourcing Vat and Tax

1. Following deadlines: Outsourcing company is in charge of paying any penalties for missing the deadline.

2. Learn about debits and credits: A business’s taxable income is reduced by using deductions, while its overall tax liability is decreased by using credits.

3. Security: The information should be secure so that no one could misuse it if it ended up in the wrong hands.

4. Aware about tax law: A large portion of the internal staff is out of date on the constantly evolving tax laws.

But Tax Outsourcing Can’t Secure Client’s Data!

According to a study, many clients of tax and vat outsourcing claim that it is completely insecure. Because keeping eyes on  the outsourcing finance employee is not an easy task and sometimes they disclose information. It also comes with a lot of extra pressure. However, the information is not true!

The accounting firm encourages adherence to client security and describes the stringent hiring and screening procedures for their staff, especially for those who will have access to clients’ information. 

To make sure that employees are following rules and standards, thorough background checks are conducted on them and they are reviewed frequently. The most recent techniques and technology related to data security are also taught to each individual, as well as refresher.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does a tax and vat outsourcing provider offer?

  • Performing accounting, including national and international standards, and creating statutory accounting reports.
  • Preparation and submission of statutory tax reporting to the appropriate tax authorities.
  • For the purpose of financial and tax accounting, developing accounting or tax policies

2. What are the factors of tax outsourcing?

An efficient outsourced service provider will provide the technical expertise to understand the supplied information and generate compliant returns. Insights, ideas, and best practice procedures from the provider’s should be brought to the table in order to increase value.

3. What are the advantages of tax outsourcing?

  • You Get More Professionals.
  • Things move quickly.
  • You may concentrate on what is important.
  • You can split some of the risk.
  • Costs can be cut.

3. What are the risks?

  • Control Issues.
  • Barriers to communication, difficulty in finding the ideal vendor.
  • Hidden costs.

4. What are the types of tax outsourcing contracts?

  • Local contract.
  • Offshore contract.
  • Nearshore contract.

To Conclude

Working with a tax outsourcing company like; BPO enables you to complete the work with the least amount of time and effort from your employees, managers, and partners.  Here, you’ll get finished, reviewed outsourced service without having to spend time employing, training, or managing employees. Visit our website for more detail.