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Data processing service provides business data entry, forms processing, order processing as well as other processing.

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Remarkable efficient and accurate Data processing service

Markedly One of the most important foundations of effective and competitive data entry and management services, as well as for processing high-quality business data, is accurate data entry and processing.

Identically both inefficient and outdated methods of data entry and processing service can lead to huge mistakes and errors which may result in wrong outcomes in business data and decision making. So, build your corporate presence through Data Processing Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Just contact us.

Why Choose BpoBD for Data Processing?

We Commit 99.99% Accuracy
1. We Commit 99.99% Accuracy

If data input and processing are inaccurate, as a results mislead and confuse data analysts, and the insight will deviate from the goal.

Genuine 10000 Surveys Month
2. Genuine 10000 Surveys/Month

Surveys and forms will tell you information that other sources cannot provide. We take this process very seriously, so we can bring you real results. Due to our number is the best in the industry.

Generate over 25000 Leads
3. Generate over 25000 Leads/Month

Our data entry experts truly understand the ideas behind the process and strive to create exponential potential customers for customers.

cost saving
4. Save time & Money!

Save time and money. Whenever reduce costs 60%-80% significantly by taking our Data Processing Services

Data Processing Services

How Our Data Entry and Processing Services Benefited for You!

1. Data Entry

Data entry activities need to be accelerated frequently because the recorded data is required for critical business operations such as for preparing information database or to prepare invoices. To reduce time and labor cost, our professional data entry team provides huge range of data entry service

1. Online Data Entry
2. Offline Data Entry
3. Image Data Entry
4. Document Management
5. Electronic Document Management
6. Customized Contact List & Email Mining
7. Invoice & Billing Data Entry
8. Product Data Entry

2. Image Processing Service

Image processing is to edit or improvise the quality of existing images with specific use of technology. It’s very much important to handle the images effectively and present them before the deadlines. Our professional team are always quick in handling several bulk images by maintaining supreme quality.

1. Image editing
2. Image enhancement
3. Background editing
4. Masking and Composing
5. Color correction
6. File type conversion
7. Stock photo service
8. Image compression

3. Forms Processing

Business organizations have to deal with different varieties of forms-such as invoices, vouchers, medical claims. So, structured form processing services is important for every organization. At this time our form processing service is accurate and flexible which meet our customer’s satisfaction.

1. Market Research Forms Processing
2. Credit Card Application Forms
3. Catalog Forms Order Processing
4 Insurance Form Processing
5. Medical Forms Processing
6. HR,Payroll & Tax Forms Processing
7. Legal Forms Processing
8. Order Forms Processing

4. Data Cleansing

For certain organizations, having the same amount of data from different sources is one of the most concerning problems that requires attention to update. Data cleansing is the method of removing duplicated, incomplete, or incorrectly formatted data from a database. Companies can save a large amount of time and money by outsourcing data cleansing.

1. Identifying and removing duplicate records
2. Identifying key variables in an existing database
3. Suggesting new variables
4. Data auditing and aggregation
5. Database cleaning services
6 Remove invalid records

5. Survey Processing

Additionally survey is the most effective way to gather knowledge about a company's various products and services. Statistical research, importing and exporting, document design, data sorting, and other services are all available through our survey processing services. We will also assist you in analyzing your employees' productivity, marketing skills, and customer retention strategies.

1. Survey setup and design
2. Survey scanning and reporting
3. Survey data entry
4. Create survey from scratch
5. Online surveys & Statistical reporting
6. Planning and forecasting
7. Quality improvement
8. Competency assessments

6. Claim Processing Service

While insurance claim entry is the most reliable service offered by insurance firms for requesting reimbursement. We have a dedicated insurance claim entry and processing team that provides high-quality, reliable insurance claim entry services on time. Our quality assurance team maintains a high degree of accuracy in order to deliver flawless service to our clients.

1. Disability claim forms
2. Critical illness claim forms
3. Hospitalization claim forms
4. Dismemberment claim forms
5. Medical insurance claim entry
6. Life insurance claim entry
7. Death claim forms
8. Document coding and indexing

Proven 6 BIG Data Mining Outsourcing Services

data-mining process
1. Data Mining Services

BpoBD carefully sorts out the data, including website, text and database data, to correctly process the information that is not only accurate but also most suitable for your company's requirements.

Data Deduplication Services
3. Outsource Data Deduplication

Companies with thousands of duplicate information sources can take advantage of BpoBD’s advanced data processing capabilities, which can reduce redundant data by merging information, deleting duplicates user-friendly database.

Data Mailing List
5. Mailing List Compilation Services

BpoBD helps companies manage, edit, generate and clean up their mailing lists to improve the organization. Services also include split/merge database fields, insert or delete fields, data entry and management support.

Data Transaction Processing
2. Transaction Processing

Thus BpoBD provides an in-depth way to help your company track sales and financial status by ordering, organizing, submitting and completing transactions. While order processing, claims processing and loan processing.

Check Processing
4. Outsource Check Processing

Use BpoBD's check processing services to increase your business revenue and reduce costs. As a result We safely and efficiently handle electronic check processing, bank check processing, and all types of online check processing.

credit card Data Processing
6. Credit Card Forms Processing

BpoBD's secure CC processing services include but are not limited to billing services, customer query solutions, account execution, cash management, payment/electronic payment processing and fraud detection.

Top Data Processing Services Provides Business Data Entry

Whenever Increased efficiency and earnings, better decisions, and more accurate and reliable data processing are all benefits of data processing services. Additionally cost savings, ease of storage, distribution, and report generation, as well as improved analysis and presentation, are all advantages. Data processing is now commonly recognized and mirrored in almost every area of endeavor. We provide these data processing services:

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Build you Data process more transparent with BPO Bangladesh

BPO data processing makes it easier to verify behavior, changes, and transactions, as well as reduces the need for computing resources to collect data on demand from a simple type.

However image processing can be added to explain both data input and processing to make it easier, basically to display any data to users in a readable and appealing format. Data processing in the form of word processing can assist in the creation of documents that are both understandable and appealing to readers, as well as making those more engaging.

Data process & transparent with BPO Bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions

We have worked for an extraordinary assortment of organizations and enterprises from areas like eCommerce, medication, law, training, banking, land, research firms, protection, travel, and so forth.

Since the client goes about as the regulator regarding individual information they submit through the BOPBD specialist to the BOPBD administration for handling. As BOPBD goes about as the processor when going about as an information processor in the interest of clients. BOPBD adheres to the directions of the client – a client sends individual information through the help and BOPBD measures what is sent. Generally BOPBD don’t practice proficient judgment or settle on autonomous choices about the information that it gets from clients.

For any extra data you require, you might contact your Account Executive who will be glad to help you.

Because at the point when you outsourcing information preparing administrations, it helps you in the proficient administration of basic data. Henceforth, you can dedicate your assets to settling on business choices that are basic and holds considerable key significance. Information Processing is a fundamental however non-core part of business measures containing exercises like request handling, structure preparing, an accumulation of mailing records, and handling of various business data.

On the other hand off chance that your documents are as filtered pictures, you can email them to us or transfer them to our safe FTP worker. Indeed printed version records can be couriered to us. We can also perform far off information section.

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Finally, We Innovate a new scale, modified process outsourcing data entry projects solutions backed by a deep pool of consulting, technology, industry and skilled ITO, BPO and KPO Services.