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Close to 100% in STP rates, almost 0.5% in reversal rates and cost reductions of up to 31%. Our BPaaS service centers handle more than 230 end-to-end banking processes. Fast go to market. Up to 99% STP rates. 99.86% service accuracy. -65% compliance costs.

Professional Back Office Services and Process Improvements

Is Your Back Office Functioning as Efficient and Streamlined as Possible?

We provide customers with outsourcing back-office solutions, because the core of our business is a charging platform, which not only has a long history of 20 years, processing more than 50,000 transactions per week, but also has very, very good advantages built around it Front desk system! We know how much effort and dedication you have to put in to build a business.

Back Office Services

Key Features of Offshore Back Office Outsourcing

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1. Fill in according to the form.
2. Fill out the affidavit and total fee form

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7. Research data on property or risks.
8. Quote and prepare quotation proposal.

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3. Follow up on public quotations from potential customers
4. Issue insurance certificate or binder

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9. Send the policy document to your customer
10. Endorsement is required & Send a renewal letter.

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5. Follow up on public quotations from potential customers
6. Issue insurance certificate or binder

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11. Organize the files according to your preferences.
12. Follow up payments, recommend compliance, etc.

Qualified Outsourced Administration Management

Offshore Back Office Outsourcing Solution

Things employers must consider. Where is your money being invested now?

The capital is:

Working Capital Fund:

Outsourced Management Service

Things employers must consider. Where is your money being invested now?

Your own virtual assistant:

You will be assisted:

#1 Business Process Outsourcing

7 Back Office Data Processing of Our BPO Company

An inbound and outbound call solution-based organization’s back office data processing can significantly impact its success. Large volumes of data accrue on a daily basis, from various transaction processes that require effective back office solutions. Today back office and data processing have become the major key point of the entire customer experience value chain. Our call center outsourcing company performs in building work flows, back-end systems, web-based applications, providing value add like data capturing, data entry, data management and data mining to assist in associating the customer handling and support services to provide global value for our clients.

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Claims Processing & Adjudication

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Account Maintenance

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Data Capturing & Data Mining

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Application Processing

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Correspondence Management

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AR/AP Management

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Data Management

Domestically Based Management


1. Close Observation

Your information needs regular maintenance and supervision.


2. Save Resources

You are looking for ways to use your resources and space optimally.


3. Easy Management

We provide that you need back office as a service to management.


4. Full-Time Service

We provide you a skilled assistant to handle your tasks 24-7.

Dynamic back office data management is the commitment of the hour for most businesses. Accurate processing and management of raw data on a regular and prompt basis ensures that companies can dedicate their valuable time on more demanding tasks. Organizations need to stay focused on the big picture: the company’s goals, growth and core strengths. BPO Bangladesh allows you to cost-effectively manage non-critical back office processes so you’re not bogged down with the repetitive, day-to-day activities. Back office support services are becoming a surefire necessity for businesses striving to maintain their competitive edge during the increasingly expensive enterprising world of a present day, where reducing overhead costs is a critical component to success.

We provide out-of-the-box or customized secure facilities services for back office functions including data entry, legal review, and finance and accounting (F&A processing), fraud detection and prevention, order fulfillment, translation services, maintenance repair and operations (MRO), account and data management services

Automotive Industry Outsourcing Solution

BPO Bangladesh provides you excellent professional services and it supports, with its accurate data entry services. Our call center outsourcing company is a skilled back-office data entry company with well-trained, data entry experts, guaranteeing over 99% accuracy in data entry. With the help of our certified data entry specialist, our back office services will help you achieve convincing cost savings and make data entry outsourcing affordable. We handle your data entry needs efficiently and quickly.

1. We integrate best-in-class technology to automate the data entry process, by implementing OCR and ICR technologies as part of its data entry solutions. We currently handle a huge amount of documents a year.
2. Our call centers company offers fantastic IT support, back-office services, quality assurance, programming work, and data entry services, data managing services executing by a collective of well experts.
3. Our local call centers offer excellent voice support, chat, and email support. Representatives are fluent in English with minimal accent and good experience and training. BPO call centers are a great choice for offshore telemarketing.

One Stop Serviced Office in Bangladesh.

Top-Notch Back Office Solutions Will Be Perfect Choice for You!


1. CRM


2. In-House Support


3. Sales, Tracking and Automation


4. Accounting/Financing Software


5. Support Desk Management


6. Work Flow Management & More

Why Choose Our BPO Industry Offshore Back Office Solution ?

In addition to the immediate business address, our experienced on-site team can also handle your mail and welcome guests arriving at your reception. You can also use our services for book a workspace or meeting room quickly and easily by our virtual assistance service:

1. Instant professional business address
2. Community networking and personal growth events
3. BPO Bangladesh Classic Membership  accessible support
4. Professional receptionist to greet guests
5. 24/7 customer support

An Offshore Company

Back Office Outsourcing to the Bangladesh

BPOBD offers Virtual Back Office services and other services for your business growth.

Our BpoBd’s technology supports everything what we do, but we know that recruitment is a personnel business. We know that you want to get along well with your support team and have confidence in it-this is why our back office is always an “open day” for our customers. Come, see & contact us now!

Our back office functions include:

  1. Data Entry
  2. Payroll
  3. Finance and Accounting
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Accounting Services
  6. Information Technology Management
Back Office Outsourcing to the Bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions

Administrative center administrations are for any organization that is trying to work on their productivity by reevaluating select business tasks.

We at BPOBD, makes customized answers for your BPO prerequisites, we can achieve versatile arrangements from 1 up to 200 profoundly gifted and cutthroat workers.

BPOBD has in its overlap, the most Capable Management Team that can solidly give you Project Management and Implementation Consulting administrations, utilizing exclusively on our novel and outstanding practices and procedures.

Indeed, you can either restrict representatives to explicit Back Office pages or give them more extensive access depending on the situation. Figure out how to oversee Back Office authorizations for representatives here.

No. To allow somebody Back Office or register access, you should add them to the Staff List as a worker.

Peruse more in the accompanying archives:

  1. Authorizations in the Back office Framework
  2. Authorization Management Engine Widget
  3. Authorization Management Group Widget
  4. Head Permission Action
  5. Type Permission Action

Let Us Handle Your Critical Data Processing and Back Office Functions by Our Experts.